Ozark Cards by Tina Oppenheimer
Ozark Greeting Cards


I was born an artist and was fortunate enough to have early opportunities. As a child I took Saturday morning classes at the Art Institute of Chicago and as a teenager attended Moseley Road School of Art in Birmingham, England. For years I lived as a vagabond gypsy with a sketch book, pen, yarn and hook in my backpack. I left a trail of drawings and blankets and rugs as I went on down the road.

Art mostly retreated from my life when I settled in the Ozarks and raised three kids and cattle. It returned later when I earned a degree in Mechanical Drafting from WestArk (now UAFS) and indulged in art classes at the U of A in Fayetteville, especially printmaking.

I had been drawing my own Christmas cards for years before launching Ozark Cards commercially in 1992. The cards are all my own creations. I dream up and draw the designs, print them myself, cut & glitter them each by hand. A week or two later when the glitter is cured, i fold them.

Ever independent, I do every aspect of the business, from designing and manufacturing to sales and arithmetic. It grew steadily and I now draw a wide variety of greeting card designs. Ozark Cards are available from central to the northwest of the state and on-line anywhere. I love meeting people that know my cards.

After years of living and doing my work in Newton County I have migrated to Fayetteville where I partake of the music, art and community it offers!

Fayetteville, Arkansas

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